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Here are a few carpet care tips . . .

Once you’ve had your carpet professionally cleaned by Five Step Carpet Care, we recommend the following tips for maintaining your freshly cleaned carpets:

  • Your carpets will be completely dry in approximately 4 hours after cleaning. During the drying time, avoid walking on the carpet. If you must, make sure your shoes or feet are clean.
  • Never place wood or metal furniture on damp carpet, the stain from the wood can leech into the carpet and the metal can leave rust stains.
  • Vacuuming is the single most important step in maintaining your carpet’s life and beauty. We recommend vacuuming at least once a week with a good quality vacuum cleaner.
  • Adjust your vacuum for optimal performance. Place a penny on the carpet 1 inch in front of the vacuum. Turn on the vacuum and watch the penny. If it vibrates, your vacuum is set to the correct height. If the penny is not vibrating, adjust the vacuum height until the penny vibrates.
  • Use a crevice tool with your vacuum to clean around carpet edges. Even the best vacuums can’t reach between the carpet and baseboards. This should be done at least once a month. This is especially important with light colored carpeting.
  • Avoid using most retail spot removers. Many have some type of soap in them. They take the spot out but leave a sticky residue which attracts dirt. The spot comes back. Our Spot Remover has no sticky residue and does not contain soap. We guarantee that if our remover takes out a spot, it won’t come back. If you’re out of Spot Remover, in an emergency, cold water, and a cotton rag is a safe substitute.
  • Stains are always easiest to remove just after they occur. Use our Spot Remover for the best results. When in doubt, give us a call. We’re always happy to help.
  • Alternate traffic paths where possible. Re-arrange furniture or walk through a room a different way so that wear is even and no one particular area receives constant traffic.
  • Step over areas where carpet joins another type of flooring. These areas get dirty the fastest. Typically the carpet is higher than the hard surface flooring it transitions to. This creates an excessive pressure point on the carpet and causes it to become dirty and wear faster. Just step over it.
  • Never use a carpet remnant as a throw or area rug without a protective backing. Carpet backing is typically rough or abrasive and can wear down the carpet fibers you are trying to protect. There are products available to put under a throw to protect the surface beneath and are available at most home stores.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. Carpet is always healthier, looks better, and lasts longer if it’s cleaned every 6 months. Ask us for a recommendation on your individual cleaning frequency.
  • Repair carpet problems as they occur. In most cases, small problems become big problems. If you see ripples in your carpet, loose tack strips, or any other type of problem; contact us. We can arrange for a carpet repair expert to stretch or otherwise repair your carpet problems.
  • When purchasing new carpeting, always keep a remnant for those unforeseen problems down the road.