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Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber carpet Cleaning is very popular because of its elegant appearance.  I have to be careful when cleaning Berber carpet cleaning with my non-toxic cleaners because the loops that make up the Berber carpet can easily snag.  Berber carpet cleaning is usually made of Olefin fiber which wears well but is hard to clean and tends to look dingy.


Many area rugs are made from wool and they need to be cleaned very carefully.  If wool area rugs are treated roughly, they will pill.  So when cleaning wool area rugs, after I have vacuumed the rug, I carefully spray a precise amount of my non-toxic cleaner on the wool rug.  I then use my floor machine with the 100% cotton bonnet to remove the soil from the rug.  I then check the wool rug for any remaining spots and then I hand clean them.  The final step is hand groom the wool rug.

Plush Carpet Cleaning

Plush carpet is usually one color, has a smooth even pile height.  It shows footprints and spots   therefore it requires special care when I clean it with my non-toxic cleaners.  I clean plush carpet very carefully to make sure I get all of the spots out.  When I am finished cleaning plush carpets, I hand groom the carpet fibers so the plush carpet has a smooth finished look.

RV Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a motorhome or travel trailer requires special care and attention to detail since there are many small areas that need to be cleaned by hand.  I use my non-toxic cleaner that dries in about 4 hours.  The carpet in an RV gets very dirty because it is a concentrated area.  My equipment is portable which works great for cleaning a RV because I can get all of it in the RV.

Five Step Carpet Care is competitively priced, because we don’t need to sell you any extra services. The cost of Five Step Carpet Care compared to other methods is the best value in the long run because the results are so much better: your carpeting will retain its look longer and have a longer and happier life.

Types of Carpet

There are no types of normal carpeting that our proven system can’t clean, whether low-pile industrial carpet, long shag carpet, or even throw rugs. Color has no barring with our method. In fact, our system will help restore your carpeting to its original color. The solution we use is colorless and contains no bleach or any other color-affecting ingredients. We can also clean your upholstery with our special solution.

Spot Removal

Our cleaning solution is extraordinary. It took years of development and finally in 1998 was finalized as the best cleaning solution for carpets and upholstery ever developed. The spot removal effectiveness is like magic. In fact, it’s non-technical name is ‘The Magic Solution’. It completely eradicates most spots, from heavy traffic areas to spills and just about anything that blemishes your carpet. Naturally, we give extra special treatment to such areas. The ‘Magic Solution’ makes your carpet look like spots were never ever there and they will most likely never reappear as they often do with other methods. There are a few exceptions: ink, paint, bleach, etc. These, we can only minimize.


Our proprietary cleaning solution has a special ‘quick drying’ ingredient that allows it to evaporate faster than water. Generally, depending on the thickness of the pile and the humidity level at the time of cleaning, the drying time is approximately three hours. This is much more convenient for you than any steam cleaning method that can often take more than a day to dry.


We only need electricity, no water. The areas of carpeting to be cleaned will need to be free of furniture and other obstructions. We cannot be responsible for moving furniture, but we will always be considerate of those things that need a little shifting to be able to give the most complete carpet cleaning we can manage.


Five Step Carpet Care means we care, not only about your carpet, but you as well. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will do everything possible within our means to assure your satisfaction. If we need to redo what we’ve done, we’ll do so unquestionably. Call me directly if you have ANY questions or concerns.